Socks zkano organic cotton socks Jessa womens organic cotton crew socks in mint | By zkano

Socks zkano organic cotton socks Jessa womens organic cotton crew socks in mint | By zkano

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  • The Jessa women's organic cotton crew sock design is made by Zkano with a simple pinstripe of black and white on mint green, finished with a khaki colour cuff and black heel and toe. These socks are made as a small batch limited edition to an excellent quality standard. The heel and toe are reinforced and the seams flat for added comfort. This organic sock hugs the foot and retains it's shape and elasticity over time.  Our zkano socks come from a family firm in the historic US textiles town of Fort Payne, Alabama from organic cotton grown on US. farms, spun and dyed with low-impact dyes in the Carolinas. The socks comprise 66% certified organic combed cotton, 32% nylon, and 2% elastic. Zkano socks also meet the USA's National Organic Programme standard for organic materials and production. Machine washable cold or at 30 degrees you'll get best results by turning Zkano socks inside out and then drying them naturally though they can be tumble dried on a low heat. This sock design is available in one size: UK 3-7, EU 35.5-41, US 5.5-9.5. We love these socks for their natural design and quality, and because they are made from organic cotton meaning lower environmental impact.

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